Monday, June 23, 2008

Only in Marietta........

Marietta is a large heavily populated city on the outskirts of Atlanta...Located in popular Cobb County we are often in the National news. Most recently for the "Barbie Bandits" that tried to rob a bank inside a local Kroger store...Well, today takes the cake. While driving to a birthday brunch with Miss D. the next door neighbor, she informed me that earlier today a Black Bear from the mountains of North Georgia had been hit by a car at one of our largest intersections and had to be shot....Not just any intersection but the one right down the street from the house...My first reaction was to ask " if it walked all the way down from the mountains why was this the first time somebody spotted it"... How did it manage to travel pretty far from home and no one noticed?? Thinking she was, well....nuts....the minute I got home I checked the local news on the Internet....I really have to start taking the "local stories" she tells me more seriously. At 7:15 this morning a driver hit a small black bear, not just anywhere, but right in front of daughter's high school...It had to be euthanized because it was injured so badly.. This might not sound too odd but it seems this is the 3rd. bear in 17 days that have been hit by cars in Cobb County. Again, my question is "why is nobody noticing them until they're in the middle of town?" I do apologize for questioning the validity of her stories....I will never doubt her again. But I must say this comes after the time she told me they found a flying squirrel in their kitchen cabinets, caught it, then drove it all the way over to Kennesaw Mountain to let it loose. A few days later and about 10 miles away the squirrel found his way back to the house............Sorry "D" still can't grasp that picture.

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