Saturday, June 14, 2008


No, not their work force or their locations or their delivery cars.......they have actually downsized their pizza....We have been ordering Domino's for years since down here in the South you really can't find good N.Y. style pizza. You can never get away with spending less then a 20 dollar bill so when coupons appear in your mailbox you get excited. Which brings me to tonight when I suggested to the big guy that we go pick up their coupon "special".....this would be a large pie with one topping for only $5.99....pick up only. How can you go wrong...Getting a Domino's for under $20.00...unheard of! That should have been our first clue. When I picked up the box from the counter person I noticed that it had absolutely no weight to it, none. It felt like the box was empty. Upon further inspection what was inside that box was a disgrace. I have never seen such a small pizza, it was one small step up from a "personal pan".....I know what your thinking....what did they expect for $5.99? I expected what they advertised, a large pizza, not something me and the better half were going to have to fight over. When I got home I actually took out a tape measure and measured it......a whopping 12 1/2" round. The traditional size of a large pizza anywhere on this planet is 18". Does Domino's really think that people aren't going to notice this?What was worse is the fact that it wasn't even tasty. I would gladly give up size for tasty.....we could have eaten the cardboard box it came in (I'm surprised they didn't charge extra for the box) and it would have tasted better....and as the husband pointed out he was surprised that when we walked out with pie in hand instead of saying "thank you and come again"........they didn't say..."Here you cheap bastards, now get the hell out"............Maybe next time.

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