Thursday, June 12, 2008


I finally found a way to keep the dog in line....send him away to the kennel for a very long time, well actually 3 weeks did the trick. When we were summoned to Jersey to babysit Miss Kitty we had no other choice but to put the Boopster at the Sleepy Hollow Kennel down in Smyrna. A wonderful home away from home and as their sign out front says......"a country club for canines"......I feel very comfortable leaving the Prince there as the owners, The Ropers, are terrific. They even refer to the Boo as "Son"......and I think Boo knows they're sincere.....see previous dog post. Boo has been boarded there many many times but it seems that 3 weeks is the key to him getting in line....Since he's been home I not once have had to raise my voice, to the delight of the husband, to get the dog in the house. I now open the back door.....offer him 3 cookies.....and in he comes. It's all too easy. Why hasn't the past 9 1/2 years been this easy. Who knew an extended stay away from home with no ice water to drink and no cookies every hour on the hour would turn him into a dog I can live with.....I even find myself kissing him on the nose every's very salty. He did come home with a bit of a leg limp, I assume from being in the concrete run....not the couch that he's used to sleeping on. So I took him to the vet last week (when we pulled up he had a look of panic in his face, the kennel is next door) she gave me a prescription for the leg. After checking out prices on the internet and finding none under the cost of $65. for a months supply I decided to do some intense research. Between Google and our friends up in Woodstock....the all night Walmart...Boo's pills will now cost only $4.00 a month...Yes, that's right. I managed to find an article that had a list of authorized pain meds for dogs along with their generic names. I took said list and went into Walmarts list of $4.00 generic meds and hoped for the best......sure enough one of the six drugs was listed. After a quick call to the Walmart I asked if they would fill a prescription for a dog...."Ofcourse" the women on the other end of the phone said. After I gushed that I just love the Walmart and thanked her I called the vet. The lady who answerd the phone sounded a bit stunned that someone was actually able to figure out how to get $65. worth of dog pills for 4 bucks.....The vet approved the selection and I'm just waiting for her to phone it in to the pharmacy. Something tells me that might be the hard part.........I know what your can you put a price on the health of your animal....Hey, he could go back to his old ways in the morning and I don't want him to think I'm that crazy about him....I'll leave that to the husband......

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