Thursday, September 11, 2008


When we first moved to Marietta some 24 years ago it was a bit tough getting around. It's a big place to begin with, far bigger then any towns we grew up around in Jersey. And to add to the confusion they tend to name different streets by the same name. Roswell Road being one of the famous ones. For years I always had to ask, when getting directions "Which Roswell Road"?? But that brings us to asking for directions. You always get directions to anywhere by starting at the "Big Chicken". You are either north, south, east or west of that damn chicken. As "D" calls it.....a Southern Icon. I don't know exactly how tall it is but if I were guessing I would put it at 3 story's high. On a good day it has googly eyes that roll around and a big beak that opens and closes, on a good day. Beneath the chicken is a KFC.......Even Tom Snyder on his old late night talk show has mentioned the Big Chicken....I don't know about it being an Icon, I would call it a roadside oddity. So in honor of this big bird and stealing the idea from New York City and their painted cows the town of Marietta erected 15 of these Lil' Chickens (their words not mine) and positioned them nicely around the town square. Today me and the favorite neighbor went down to check them out and also have a lovely lunch at one of the quaint restaurants on the square. I have to say, and not only because I'm a Yankee, that dressing up the cows made more sense...The chickens are very cute and certainly colorful but how much can you do with a big triangular blob with a beak. We still had a ton of fun and took lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure. The best part of the cream sundaes from Brusters on the way home!!

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