Thursday, September 25, 2008


So me and the Boss have been stuck home the past couple of days due to the gas shortage here in the home state. With the bug running on 1/4 of a tank we can't go too far. When I did make a short trip this morning up to the fabric store....(they had $17.95 Simplicity patterns for $1.99!) I noticed that all the stations I passed had up yellow tape and bags over the pumps....No gas for us. Luckily that 1/4 tank will get me up to Publix atleast 4 times so we aren't going to starve, a sigh of relief from the Big Guy......we heard tonight on the news that it could be another 7 to 10 days before gas is delivered.....why, we don't know. I just got in from taking the Boopster for his midnight walk and picked up the paper that they throw, uninvited, onto the front lawn. It's called the East Cobb Neighbor. Front page headlines read...."Panic at the Pumps"...with a picture of a women, arms flailing and mouth opened yelling at someone, cars all around. The smaller headline read...."anxious consumers the reason for the gas shortage"....Oh, I had to read this. It seems a Mr. Richard Cobb who is the executive director for the Georgia Petroleum Council said that the gas shortage in Cobb County and Atlanta is the results of anxious consumers, not the Gulf refineries that were shut down prior to the hurricane. I guess he's not in favor of off shore drilling.....He went on to say that "worried" drivers who continue to "top off" their tanks have drained supplies and caused gas stations to shut down.....Okay Mr. Cobb, then how do you explain that the day before the hurricane our gas prices were around $3.55 a gallon and the day after the hurricane....that would be one day later, the price spiked up to $4.19......I guess those station owners knew all the people would be topping off their tanks....Some people are waiting in lines up to an hour, cars are in line 30 deep....I don't know about you but I wouldn't wait 5 minutes to "top off" my tank just to keep it on full..When I was out today I did notice that it looked like a Sunday morning on the roads, no cars........I wonder what Cobb County Mr. Cobb is talking about?

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