Saturday, May 17, 2008

ADVENTURES IN CAT new best friend

Our babysitting duties are coming to a close. The daughter and family are due in from Paris in the morning and I'm happy to say we managed not to burn down the house or lose the damn cat...As I write Miss Kitty is cuddled up along side me on the couch.....I can only assume that she likes me because I feed her......Plus I only said bad things about her when she was in the other room...In her defense she is very cute, although kinda stinky, and she appears to be pretty smart...I know what your thinking....she's falling for the cat. No, not really...she still has claws and I've never heard her hiss but I'm sure if provoked her hissing mechanism would kick in...We've enjoyed our little Jersey vacation....we spent the week looking at historic homes in hopes that we'll live in one some day soon and today husband went over to Hopewell to test drive a Lotus...he insisted I go along when he took it for a test drive and the dealership almost needed a crane to extract me from the front seat....I was turned off by the salesman's pitch as soon as he said the engine was compliments of Toyota...Made in England with Japanese parts. I guess that makes perfect sense to a man as long as it's low to the ground and shiny. I then insulted him when I told him the mascot dog that was wandering the premises looked just like a Dingo. We get to spend the upcoming week spoiling the daughter and grand daughter then next Saturday is Miss B's 1st. birthday party....and yes, there will be a to follow!!

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