Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hard to believe I'm over 50, where does the time go........I know, it's all in the hair dye....Approaching 58 in October I am a subscriber to every old age persons handbook....AARP magazine. In the last issue I saw where they were having a contest to pick their next "over 50" models for an upcoming publication. I tried to enter my dear friend Janice's picture, as she is a bit older then me and looks absolutely fabulous, but you can not enter someone other then yourself. Yes, that's right, only you can enter yourself......seems like you could be construed as being full of yourself....Okay, Denise, I know what your thinking......Anyhoo, I thought I'm going to Jersey and the daughter takes great pictures so why not. They ask that you send in a head shot so today we had a back yard photo shoot. First I did daughter for her pictures to be used when she goes into New York for her "extra" work in the movie and t.v. business.....yes, she does work as an extra....Where's Law and Order?? She could play the dead person......Then she took pictures of me. We couldn't decide so below are our 6 choices for best picture. Ofcourse there's my favorite hat shots, we love our hats what can I say.... And then the famous "George Clooney" head tilt......Please vote and let us know what shot I should send into AARP.......Who knows, I could make the cover of their real people model issue......or not.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Picture #6


necie said...

I like the hat in #6. In #1, you look younger and could be Gidget's (Miss Field) younger sister. The other hat looks like it was bought on the Home Shopping Network. Final choice...number one.

Suey said...

come on....the other hat came from Nantucket..It did remind me of that t.v. commercial where the people in it are dressed up like food..

Janice said...

That's my Suz - We have been friends since 6th grade - she is the most creative person I know and the funniest - she gives her all to those she knows and loves and makes things happen. Interesting person to get to know. She deserves such recognition - my favorite is pic #1 - if you are lucky she will invite you for lunch!!!!!