Friday, July 11, 2008

Me and Melissa C. Morris.........

Who is Melissa C. Morris? That's the question I asked when the daughter sent me a link to her blog....but my first comment was "She's got great hair". On the blog were pictures of a seaside town in New Jersey which hooked me right in because everyone knows I love the Jersey shore. Plus, I love anyone who's hair is cut in a bob...This includes Ina Garten and Lisa from the Next Food Network Star....So I spent last night reading Mrs. Morris' blog from front to back, all 2 1/2 years worth. It was mostly pictures and it was a real delight. Melissa is a "socialite" from Manhattan who writes about her daily comings and goings living the high life in New York and Connecticut. Why would I want to read about such a privileged person. She's hoot that's why. And upon reading all her entries I realized I had alot in common with her.....Yes, hard to believe that I have things in common with a socialite from New York...this is what I discovered.........
1.) We have the same hair. This is important because everyone hates my hair but I love my hair..It's nice to see other people jump on the "bob" bandwagon.
2.) We have both had multiple shoulder surgeries on both shoulders....Although she got injured from years of competitive swimming...I got injured from competitive blow drying....
3.) Number 2 might explain item 1.......this hair style is extremely easy to maintain and when you've got 2 bad arms it makes things alot easier.
4.) She's married to 58 year old Chappy.....I'm married to 58 year old Chubby.
5.) She grew up in New Jersey, I grew up in New Jersey.
6.) She loves to cook and serves her creations on diner china....I do the same.
7.) She and I both own fancy European dogs....she has an Italian Greyhound...... I have a French Pyrenees..
8.) she went to Paris with her mother.....I went to Paris with my daughter.
9.) she loves madras shorts.....I will never be too old to wear madras shorts.
and coming in at number 10.)
We have both been to the, not in Nashville. How many people can say that?

read more about Melissa and her dog Monty at

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