Wednesday, May 14, 2008


But the big question is...."why would you want to?"........Today we drove up to the old homestead. Everytime we come up to Jersey we take atleast one day to go see where we grew up...We usually make our first stop on Sycamore Street, my childhood home and then our home after we married. The house still looks great although I would have kept it yellow.....We then drove downtown.....Yikes is about all I can say. To say it looks like a war zone is giving it credit. When we were growing up I would take the bus from St. Georges Ave. into town on a Saturday afternoon. We always went to the Woolworths and then to Swedes for a tuna sandwich and a coke. Well forget Swedes....all that's there now is a dirt hole in the ground.....Half of Main Street is gone which is actually a good thing considering what the other half looks like. As we drove down Cherry Street, where I held my very first job paying $1.00 an hour at the little book shop, we realized why we get strange looks when people ask us where we are from and we answer them....They look at us like "oh, sorry"...........After all these years we still haven't learned to say "We're from Clark"....,,,We do give credit to the mayor who is trying his best to bring some life back to the place but come on......Who do they expect will be buying all those luxury condo's and more important who do they think will stay at the new hotel??? It's like putting a Tiffany diamond on display inside a pig pen....In October the town will be celebrating it's 150th. Anniversary...They are having a big alumni event where 70 years of high school alumni will be getting together to celebrate......All I have to say is this is going to produce the countrys largest epidemic of "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" ever seen.....Let the party begin!!

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