Monday, May 12, 2008

WHY I HATE CATS...............

We are on day 4 of our cat sitting duties....Now, anyone that knows me knows that I'm not fond of cats. We are dog people....This stems from a childhood trauma between me and a Siamese....story best left untold. But when daughter calls and asks us to cat sit we are on the next plane....Miss Kitty is some fancy French cat that cost more then our first car so care needs to be taken. Oh, she's cute enough and I must say that we don't see her for 90% of the day......ofcourse, that leads to me being on edge all day long that somehow she has gotten out of the house when we weren't looking....I can't count the number of times since Friday that I have said to the husband "Where's the cat?".....this brings me to this morning....She woke me up head butting me to tell me she was hungry. I figured this out after she followed me into the bathroom then back into the bedroom and down the stairs into the kitchen. She loves to jump up on the counter where she again tried to head butt me. I was about to make us breakfast but thought I had better feed her first. After all, without having thumbs, you gotta feel bad that cats and dogs can't make their own food. So she gets fed then I proceed to make us bacon and eggs....I'm frying up the bacon and I have the eggs beaten but sitting on the counter behind me.....Can you tell where this is going??....Next thing I hear is loud slurping. I turn around and there is Miss Kitty with nostrils dipped deep in egg...I guess this wouldn't have bothered me (husband would have gotten those eggs and I would have made new ones for myself) but two minutes prior Miss K was busy licking.....and I'll be polite, her business end...... Needless to say I skipped breakfast and I will never own a cat......Boo may be big and hairy and yes he drools when he sees food but I must say the dog never ever eats food off the table.....and one more dog litter box!

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