Saturday, September 6, 2008


My friends always tell me I have too much time on my hands and that may be true. I like to think of us as not being in the middle class but being in the "leisure class".....but with alot of time comes alot of information. I like to look at it as my personal responsibility to get this information out to you... I have refrained from blogging about Obama before now but I can't sit still any longer and not comment on this guy....First of all take a look at that picture.I don't know about you but I see one smug asshole. Plus I found out last night while watching his interview with Bill O'Reilly that not only does he plan to raise taxes on people making $250,000. and above, but he plans to raise it to 50%!!! That's more then ridiculous, this isn't Europe.....But forget what he looks like, he probably thinks he's just more important then he really is.....A legend in his own mind.....I get daily e-mails from a site called ......Saturday night around midnight they sent me a message about Obama having financial ties to the Saudis....there was also a link to a site called With again, too much time on my hands I decided to check it out....It is a comprehensive look at this candidate, a timeline of everything from his family to his education at Harvard (that's where those wacky Saudis come into play) to his policies and everything else you could possibly want to want to know about this guy....Did I believe all that I read?? Well, let me just say for years now I have been saying that whatever the National Enquirer has on their front page is usually a story that eventually is true....You can read for yourself and decide or do what I did, start to question this stuff....I also came across a site called this is a national organization that both Barry and Shelly were on the founding board of and the Executive Directors of in Chicago. The organization recruits young people (described as "under-represented backgrounds) to train them for "community leadership" positions....very noble I suppose. Some of the financial contributors in the government sector, and there are very few, are.....City of Wilmington, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Delaware Department of Labor and the University of Delaware....Hey, wait a minute...Where is Joe Biden from?

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