Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have been seeing commercials the last couple of weeks advertising a website called so I thought I would check it out, being a somewhat new grandparent and's suppose to have fun things you can do with your grand kids and even though Miss B isn't old enough to do some stuff I thought I would read up for the future....What a surprise I had when I went onto the site and the first thing I see is a big article entitled "Grandparents and Grandchildren Unite for Obama" first thought was they're kidding right? I mean this is a website for grandparents to go and connect with other grandparents and read up on things to do with the kids.....I didn't expect one of the activities would be "Me and Grandma go voting"......why are they bringing children into politics. I thought it was extremely inappropriate. Today in the same spot on the page titled "news of the day" is an article about John McCain at the Columbia University forum talking about boomers getting involved in the community. A far cry from endorsing a candidate. This is one website I will not be going back to for sure.

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