Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Big Guy has adjusted his thoughts on the Governor....yesterday we heard, as did the whole world, that the Governors 17 year old daughter is pregnant....This has not gone over well with the higher up...that would be the husband not the Democrats. The one thing I did notice the day of the original announcement was one unhappy child standing on that stage. I mentioned it to the boss and he said she probably isn't looking forward to possibly having to move to Washington. As a Mom I knew something more then that was going on. I saw a young girl that has had more responsibility put on her then she cares to have, while her mother is off running a state. Is she in charge of the younger siblings? You see this kind of thing with that wacky Duggar Family with the 16 or 17 or 18 kids. I lost count. Mrs. D. drops them out then passes them on to the next oldest child...Talk about building resentment. It is admirable to be a women, have a family and have a career but you also have to put those kids first. You can't give birth then pass them off for someone else to raise them....I have the same feelings for putting your babies in day care....not happening in this house. We will give the Governor the benefit of the doubt but it's not looking good. We're hoping John McCain didn't make a hasty decision or a decision for the wrong reasons. I just have to say that daughter is turning 33 next month and she calls everyday sometimes 2 times a day...just to check in. I'm thinking we must have done something right as parents.......And as for the Duggars, they are expecting #18 in January of 09'......someone please, make those people stop!!

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