Monday, April 14, 2008


while in the express line at the grocery store today I was reminded of the husbands favorite poem from his childhood about fat and skinny having somekind of race up and down the pillowcase.....there was a very slim women in front of me in line and on the conveyor belt was 2 bags of salad, tomatoes, fat free dressing, a deli salad with hard boiled eggs and flavored water...She probably weighed in at about 105lbs. Infront of Skinny was "Tiny"....Tiny weighed in at about 350.....her order consisted of 2 bottles of Coke (not diet) a jumbo size bag of chips, a loaf of bread and from the bakery 2 giant size "Whoopie" pies.....a southern thing. It showed me that you don't need Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, just a little common sense......when it was my turn I promptly had the bag boy return my HoHo's to the shelf.

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