Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bad Review of 88 Minutes.....or Al Pacino what did you do to your hair?

The husband loves to go to the, not so much. But when I saw Al Pacino had a new movie out I thought why not....After stuffing my purse with 2 bottles of Coke Zero, a jumbo glass with ice, some green grapes and a few pretzels (we're dieting) we were off for an afternoon of fun and entertainment. The theater was basically empty, there were maybe 10 people in the whole place. We settled in to our favorite end seats all the way at the top and ofcourse like clock work a few minutes into the start of the movie a couple came and sat right in front of us...there were hundreds of empty seats and they found the need to make me move my feet and sit down like it was the last two seats in the place. We were tempted to get up and move right in front of them but instead we moved to the other end of the theater. The movie was set in Seattle.....first mistake. In every scene it rained. It made you feel damp and cold just watching it. Alicia Witt plays Al's teaching assistant and how she gets any work in the movies is a mystery to me. No matter what scene she was in she had that half smirky smile on her face....I hate her in Law and Order CI and I hated her in this. But lets face it Al is who we came to see. Well, he needs to retire. Either that or do something with his hair. It was mesmerizing to watch. It's so bad that it has to be his own hair, they can't make fake hair look that bad. First of all there is too much of it. I mean he has enough hair for three people. To make things worse it actually looks teased. Towards the end of the movie it was more natural and it just appeared to be a thick head of hair. But through most of the flick it looked like someone convinced him by saying "lets tease your hair really high so maybe you'll look taller".... Bad choice. Plus he now runs like an old man and he cannot seem to find a tailor that can dress him in a pair of pants that fit .... I've seen him at award ceremonies dressed in bad tuxedos and I thought maybe it was a personal choice. But next time you see him take a look at the length of his pants......The man has a 28" leg inside of a 34" pants...The movie was a murder mystery and I have to say that they did a good job at keeping the murderer under wraps until the very end of the movie. Either that or I snoozed and missed all the clues as to who it was....In any case, wait until it comes out on video and for God's sake Al.....get a haircut!

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