Monday, August 25, 2008


My favorite t.v. actor of all time is Vinnie D'Onofrio.....yes, that fat guy from Full Metal Jacket. In his defense, he is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the actor who gained the most weight for a movie role.....What a great excuse to eat!!......... Anyhoo, the season finale of Law and Order Criminal Intent was on last night. It was so good I watched it twice, at 9:00 and midnight. The writers brought back old story lines and old characters to make the viewers think Goran is a serial killer. He was brilliant especially when he was face to face with Captain Ross and Ross confronted him on being the killer. The look he gave the Captain was priceless, a look only Vinnie could have...... I do watch all the Law and Orders but CI happens to be my very favorite. I was surprised when NBC took it off their lineup to move it to the USA network considering all the crap that's on t.v.
Vinnie isn't just an actor, he's movie quality, not television quality. The other actors on the other Law and Order franchises can't come close to his acting ability. He is so convincing as a nut that you would assume he must be a tad like that in real life, but not if you see other things he has done on the big screen.....He's probably wacky yes, crazy, no......He is perfectly paired with Katherine Erbe as Detectives Goren and see this tiny person always trying to protect this huge guy is brilliant casting.....If Hollywood was smart his name will be first on next years list of best actors for the Emmy Awards.....and in the meantime I will be spending the rest of the summer watching all 65+ episodes I have on tape......pass the snacks.

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